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ZF-2010 М
ZF-2010 М

Hot air gun

Zenit ZF-2010 М is a domestic tool that could be used for different activities. You can weld, cut and bend plastic items, seal a floor cloth and roof paper, defrost water pipes, remove paint coating or perform tin-plating and soft soldering operations. The tool is provided with air-flow adjusting device and thermal protective equipment.


  • two-stage thermal control;
  • ergonomic design;
  • rotatory mode switch

 Technical characteristics Zenit ZF-2010 М

Rated voltage, V 220
Frequency, Hz 50
Power, W 1: 1400 W / 2: 2000 W
Airflow, l/min mode 1: 300 / 380° С; mode 2: 500 / 500° С
Air temperature, оС 380° - 500°

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